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The Jungle


As a child, Neuma has always been curious about the world below. She knows that they can and will eventually destroy them all and hopes to broker a truce between the cultures, in the hopes that they can be respected, protected.  She learns later that this wish may be a bit naïve.



A self-sacrificing leader, Neuma is dedicated to her tribe. Although she’s not a chief, she commands more authority than anyone. She slowly develops similar abilities and becomes revered as a goddess, and sometimes lets that go to her head a little. She’s the strongest warrior and most of all fearless.  If any villager is faced with danger, she’ll put herself in front to sacrifice herself



Although Prak is considered a powerful god, he holds one important secret – he’s human. His research in symbiotes caused an accident where his body and mind with nature, after establishing a rogue colony in the skyline jungle. His brain has connective tissue into the entire ecosystem. Every thought and emotion he has is manifested in nature. Prak can talk to Neuma through flowers, plants, animals and insects, but never reveals his true form.
Until… Neuma finds him towards the end of season one. Prak is embedded into the interior of a tree. From there he can command nature for hundreds of square miles around him. Not surprising that he’s considered a god.
Prak is possessive of Neuma and seems to care more for her than he cares for anyone else. He’s often sad and has terrible nightmares.  These dreams become realized through nature.

Prak 2.jpg


As a child he witnessed the massacre of everyone’s parents as the youngest children hid in a “cave” which is part of an abandoned building top. He’s the organizer of the village. He lives in fear of Prak, and knows more about the Urbosphere than anyone. He considers them evil, but has a good sense of character, as he grows to trust Dray.

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The Urbosphere

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As a 12-year-old child, he’s playful, mischievous and often rebellious.  He doesn’t like to believe that there are any negative consequences to his actions.  He thinks his father is cool, but boring. He is very close to his mother, Vena (biologist), who instills a sense of decency. He’s an avid gamer who achieves the highest points and actually makes money at it.  He’s developed a lot of prayer credits, so that no one can get the better of him.  Mischievous by nature, he’s fearless to the point that he makes his parents nervous. He adapts to new situations easily, but is traumatized by his parent’s death.

DRAY 12 head_edited.jpg



Dray is strong and stylish. He’s fast and agile. Like a ninja, he can hide and attack from out of the dark. He feels pain, but accepts it as punishment for all the things he has done. He’ll fight any number of people, and it often seems he has a death wish. He secretly hopes Corgo kills him. Kozlow never wants him dead, only suffering.

Dray exercises his freedom whenever he can. Not wanting any emotional commitments, he has numerous affairs, often with the wives of his colleagues. He spends a lot of time trying to go to the jungle and find the Ascender Colony where his parents told him to go. The access to the jungle is impossible and the only way up is to get a Corgo military sky-tank. All Dray wants is the escape from his prison. He occasionally activates narcotic secretions from his nanites, just to escape from his own inner demons.

Dray hates Kozlow with a passion, but is also very afraid of him. Also protective of his sister, he is always stuck. His parents left it to him to carry on with the escape to the jungle. He’s unable to convince his sister to join him.

Dray has had a distant connection with Neuma. They both have similar 2nd generation fungi in their brain and eventually become psychically linked. Long before this happens, they fall in love, much to the danger to Dray, since she’s already married… to a god.

DRAY 27 head_edited.jpg


This 200-year-old executive enjoys enormous power at Corgo, lives in a constant state of pleasure and serial orgasms. He has engineered himself for unlimited sexual capacity, and keeps a harem of droned sex slaves in his “office”.  His office is actually more of a chamber where he floats above everyone.  He’s so plastic and rebuilt, he’s almost a mannequin, yet elements of his age shows through. Kozlow once was a friend to Sid and Sten (Dray’s father). Once he started to grasp the “big picture” of Corgo, he rose to become an entity in and of himself.  Kozlow trusts no one.  When he realizes that Dray’s sister, Beth, is loyal to Corgo without electronic manipulation or force, he grows to trust her, and becomes her lover. Beth, at first, doesn’t know what Kozlow is really like, just believing he’s a normal executive-type, not a warped demigod. Wyn wants Beth to fall in love with him, so he can freeze her emotion forever and combine her consciousness with Corgo Mainframe, thereby enslaving his A.I. master.

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The Urbosphere

Sten Bartos.jpg


Father of Dray and Beth, Sten was a student of Sidney Prakash when he was a young man. After Sid is believed to be killed, Sten and Vena carried on the work of re-establishing the colony. As high ranking members of Corgo, they risk everything.  He works closely with the mind-web fungus, adapting it to resist nanites from controlling the brain. Kozlow discovers his research and has a fungicide that not only destroys the mind-web fungus but also most of the nervous system. Sten’s mind is destroyed and replaced with a replica AI brain, inside his body.

Vena Bartos.jpg


Mother of Dray and Beth, Vena drives the last of the ascender movement after her involvement in population purges that were carried out for “business reasons” She coordinated the final trip to the jungle with Coli. Her secret is that she was once Sid’s fiancé and the first jungle priestess, but disappeared after seeing Prak. Vena is secretly the brains behind the silent rebellion and has top-secret knowledge about everyone. In the past, before she married Sten, Vena was engaged to Sid, but it was rocky because he was so needy and jealous.



He was once part of the Shadow Guard, but broke away when he joined the Ascender movement. With his own brain fungus, he could break away from Corgo control. His job was to transport the final colonists, (which include Dray’s family).  Coli is captured and tortured, forced to betray the colony. Corgo uses Coli’s information to kill everyone in the village. Now a psychotic mercenary, Coli freelances for Corgo while secretly plotting a violent takeover from the Alleyway, as the head of the “New Ascenders”. A cruel, but pragmatic operator, it’s impossible to know where his loyalties lie, as he is delusional and unpredictable.  REVEAL – Coli is Dray’s half brother, (from Sid and Vena, before Sten was in the picture)

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The Urbosphere


Beth age 10.jpg

Dray’s sister fully believes in Corgo. To her it’s obviously a perfect society. Most people can get whatever they want. There are no shortages and it’s one single system that takes care of everyone. As a child, she even turns against her parents when they want to go to the jungle as their information contradicts what she learned in school. When Beth grows up, she becomes one of the highest ranking middle-management execs at Corgo, answering only to Kozlow himself. She and Dray are on opposite sides of the political argument, but keeps his secrets.  Dray gives her the last of the fungus so she has free will. Even then, she’s devoted to her job and won’t let Dray do anything against Corgo.


Sidney Prakash.jpg

Dr. Sidney Prakash was the top bio-engineering scientist at Corgo. His deep understanding of microbial psychology paved the way of training deadly bacteria to act as an army. The only species of bacteria that Corgo gained access to were the “flesh eaters”  Sid was the mentor to Dray’s father, teaching him the connection between symbiotic fungi and the nervous system and how the mind can connect to anything through this medium. The Fungi coats Sid’s brain and nervous system.

Sid wanted to train bacteria and microbes to live symbiotically with humans, and free the world of so many diseases, and ultimately re-unite with the jungle. He longed for real nature. Something he only experienced through hologram, but knew the experience was always empty.

After his technology is used as a biological weapon against citizens, Sidney desperately wanted to escape the Urbosphere. Although covered up by Corgo, he knew about the overgrown jungle that existed quarantined outside of the Urbosphere. He gathered scientists and visionaries to join him in creating a peaceful colony above the Urbosphere. He developed hacking technologies to bypass the bio-barrier force field.  His virtual persona was stored in the infamous Sid Chip. It’s the guide to the jungle. Once wearing it, Sid becomes the personalized guide.  The chip can access all data and has the same intelligence as Sid.



A ruthless sadistic guardman, Wongli is one of Kozlow’s favorites because he seems to enjoy the most violent paths to fulfilling his missions. He has had many wives, all of which have disappeared once he grew tired of them.  He’s passionate in his hatred for Dray but will not harm him as long as he’s part of the Shadow Guard. Once Dray is banished, Wongli makes it his mission to dismantle Dray’s life in every way. Wongli is also convinced that Neuma is the biggest threat to Corgo, but he can’t convince Kozlow of this.

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The Jungle

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